Fuel Your Greatness, by author Lia London


This morning, while downing my Vitamin D, I noticed the slogan on the side of the bottle for the first time:“Fuel Your Greatness”.

I rolled my eyes.  There go the marketers, pandering to our egos again.  Good grief!

But the slogan stuck in my brain.  (See the power of words?)

So, while I don’t think Vitamin D is going to fuel your greatness, per se, I do think there’s something to the idea of finding those things which will nourish your mind and provide power for your efforts.

8 things I do that help me stay energized about life

(and give me something to write about).

  • Work–Push yourself.  Give the full measure of your focus to something and see results.
  • Rest–Get enough sleep.  A bow that is always tightly strung loses its spring and flexibility.
  • Learn–What have you always wanted to know?  Go find out.  Expand your core of knowledge.
  • Play–All kinds of play.  Children are full of creativity, and look how much they play.
  • Converse–Engage with another human in a live setting.  As in both people talking and both people listening and responding appropriately.
  • Read–And not the same stuff all the time.  Reading takes you places you can’t go in other ways.  Journey in the mind.
  • Love–More.  Express it.  Don’t expect anything in return for it, but know that if you really love others, you will come away better for it.
  • Believe–Cultivate faith in something bigger than yourself.  Connection to the divine engenders and prospers our finest attributes.

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