MUSE: Is Your Muse An Early Riser?

When is your most productive time?

Do you roll out of bed with your dreams still running around in your head?  Do story ideas occur to you as you’re waking up, getting that first cup of coffee?

Don’t wait.  Set down to your computer and capture those flying thoughts.  Capture in words as many of those disparate thoughts as you can, then go back and add details to them.  For many writers the early morning hours are their most creative, while the mind is fresh and unsullied by the problems and trials of the day.

If your muse is an early riser, you might want to keep a pad and pen by the bed so you can capture those thoughts and ideas even as you sit on the edge of the bed.  Take advantage of your most creative moments and wring them dry for later.


2 thoughts on “MUSE: Is Your Muse An Early Riser?

    1. EMarshallEvans Post author

      Know that feeling only too well. I tried carrying a small digital recorder to “capture” those elusive thoughts, but I’m a writer, not a broadcaster, and later the thoughts, story ideas, feelings just seemed strangely out of context. Once that dy-no-mite story idea was out of the mind’s “velvet case”, it just lacks the diamond luster it once had. I’m sure some of my best novels went up in mist between “Where’s my coffee?” and “The dog didn’t make it outside in time!”

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